KANSOKUHOU is one technique of feet massage from TAIWAN.
Through this massage, your blood circulation will get stronger, and inside your body will try to cure all your body.
When I was teenager, I was practicing Ballet every day so hard. I always had injury and some health problem.
I had an operation for my ankle twice, because of this stress I got stomach problem too.
My mum studied this massage because she doesn’t want me to have same experience like her.
She was athlete and she had been training so hard when she was teenager.
But just before national competition, she tear her Achilles when she have been training and she must stop her athlete life.
She doen’t want me to have the same experience, so she was trying to find how she can help me.
And she met KAOSOKUHOU. After I started to do KANSOKUHOU, miraculously my body started to change,
I always had pain in my ankle even after 2times operation, but the pain just go away in few days.
And also my stomach problem become heal too.
Though doing the KANSOKUHOU, I realized how amazing our human body is. Our body is so well done.
When we have some problem in body, there is always reason, and there is always some sign in your body.
Through my experience with KANSOKUHOU, I want to inform this great technique to the people.
If you know about this, it’s easy for you to take care about your health by yourself.

Kansokuhou THEORY

The feet is most far part from the heart. In our feet there is some zone which is connected to your organ directly.
If you push this spot, blood will go directly to your connecting part. When your blood cycle get smooth, your body will try to cure many different kind of conditions.
If you know about this amazing system about the body, it’s easy to take care about your health by yourself. When your body blood cycle go well, you will be more sensitive and your mind also get positive impact.

Body Care

After I studied about KANSOKUHOU, I stared to have interest how can I find new approach with my dance knowledge and KANSOKUHOU.
For the blood cycle, there is also effected some problem from how people using a muscle.
First of all, I will see the feet, and than I will try to stretch body with deep breezing.
(Depending on each one’s breeze) With my approach, I will guide you how to relax and stretch on the floor.
Through this approach, you will try to find your true position by your self.
(By your brain) After this session, your blood will go to the length and breadth of your body and you will find good difference.
Stiff neck, Headache, Backache, Joint pain, etc…

Private Session

Body Care Private session : 1h~1h30 (by appointment only, possible on-site care.)
KANSOKUHOU Study: 1Hour (by appointment only, possible on-site care.)
KANSOKUHOU Group session : (need a consultation first)


(In English, In French) : 5Euro
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Massage stick : 5Euros
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*Body care session is for lady’s only..