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“CURE” – charity Performance

2011. 10th. April
Direction: Kanae Maezawa
Performer: Kanae Maezawa, Masaharu Imazu, Fubuki Yajima

This performance was supposed to do in one of the old SAKE Brewery in Gunma.
But just 1month before the performance, Tohoku Earthquake happend….
The old SAKE brewery in Gumma, they got big damage because of big earthquake.
In that moment, our prefecture has planned power outage because of FUKUSHIMA problem and still had some smoll earthquake almost everyday.
So we were hesitated we should do this performance or not….
But our performance title was [CURE]
We just thought we just necessary [CURE] each people…
Everybody was hurt.
We found one small place for perform, and We trying to use less electricity as possible as we can.
End of the show, all of us(Performer and audience) pray for TOHOKU people and put the fire on candle.
All proceed is contribute to one association who works as a volunteer in TOHOKU.

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