Since I have experience teaching ballet, contemporary dance, improvisation, body care and more, I hold any kind of workshops.
Regardless of genre, ages, for those who are not experienced dance, moving the body using a sense of internal, a such interaction, participants will experience how fun to express with their body.
I named workshop “Room of Expression”.

“Room of Expression”

After giving birth to my son, I was often noticed by the richness of child’s sensibility.
The children are honest. My son didn’t care at all the childish events. As they called, “Let’s dance and sing together! ” He quickly run out.
How can I please him?

So I offered him something I could enjoy myself. A music not for children, I let him hear my favorite music, a music makes me want to dance.
Then my son gladly danced together.
From that moment, Improvisation with my son starts. 
“Let’s Danshu ♪♪”
My son loved going to the studio with me.

Then I came up with an idea, I want to do a workshop for both kids and adults ! 
I started to think what is the way that people of any ages and have no experience in dance could enjoy.

Easily said “let’s dance” is not easy.
Under the guidance of how the body reacts and imaginate the movement, I will guide your body will respond firmly.

“Room of Expression” Vol.1
Age 0 to 70

“Room of Expression” Vol.2
Kindergartner & parents